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⚡Design SOS for Devs

You don't need to be a designer in order to diagnose and fix UX, UI and interaction issues. You can expect practical, no-fluff design content you can put into action.

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What's included in the course

Video of the course with UI and video thumbnail of speaker

18+ course videos

Foundational content, live clickable examples and explanations of rationale

Cluster of handouts

6+ handouts

Handouts and checklists to quickly integrate into your workflow

UI thumbnail of success feedback

20+ visual examples

Light on theoretical ideals, heavy on visual examples to support principles

Course Overview 

1. Diagnosis

Learn the nuances of UX, UI and interaction and identify your design issue(s) based on the global standards for navigation, labels, visual balance, and interaction behaviour.

2. UI Best Practices

Form the basis of your visual standards with an understanding of how to build visual hierarchy. From there, dive into creating styles from scratch - including colour and font styles.

3. Improving Interaction

Learn how to assess what a 1-star interaction looks like compared to a 5-star for errors and completion feedback. From there, dive into more complex design states and get a sense for when to implement proactive and reactive interactions in an interface.

Download full syllabus

Course excerpt

This course video demonstrates how to apply the principles of visual hierarchy in the UI Best Practices section. This clickable example is representative of the type visual demos that make up this course


"Since this course, our team is talking about the product with much more awareness of what UX details we should be paying attention to."

Dev @ Workday

"...the course covers a lot of the reasons as to why certain decisions are made, and which choices are beneficial for the user. Can be used as a tool to make yourself actively think about these concepts while developing."

 Dev @ Shopify


"[The course] was very informative and well thought out. It helps get an understanding of how designers think and why they want things to be a certain way."

Dev @ Mazumago

Design SOS Course


  • 🎥 18+ course videos
  • 📄 6+ cheatsheets and handouts
  • 🖥 20+ custom visual examples
  • 🎁 Figma file access to all course content


How developers benefit from learning UX fundamentals.

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