⚡Design SOS Course for Teams

A common language and baseline level of UX/UI understanding helps reduce gotchas, scope creep and improves velocity, UX quality & team cohesion. 

Dev teams taking Design SOS

What's included in the course

Video of the course with UI and video thumbnail of speaker

12 course videos

Foundational content, live clickable examples and explanations of rationale

Cluster of handouts

6+ handouts

Handouts and checklists that will quickly integrate into your workflow

UI thumbnail of success feedback

20+ visual examples

Light on theoretical ideals, heavy on visual examples to support principles

Course Content

1. Diagnosis

learn the nuances of UI, UX and interaction, identify your issue(s) based on the goal standards for navigation, labels, visual balance, and interaction behaviour

2. UI Best Practices

Form the basis of your visual standards with understanding how to build visual hierarchy, then dive into creating styles from scratch, including colour styles and font styles

3. Improving Interaction

See what goes into making an interaction a 1 star rating to a 5 star rating for both errors, completion feedback, then dive into depicting system states and get a sense proactive/reactive communication in an interface.

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Pricing for teams


3 - 10 seats

$210 per seat



11 - 25 seats

$201 per seat



25+ seats

$195 per seat


📋 Here's a workshop template to assess your design debt

Start the conversation with your crew using this design debt workshop. By the end you'll have a prioritized list of UX, UI and interaction issues in your site or product.

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Benefits for your dev team

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