Errors (Design SOS Course)

 You'll get the first lesson for free of the improving interactions module of the Design SOS Course where you'll focus on how to make the interface behave in situations where things go wrong.

This course typically covers 3 of the quick wins for improving your implementation:

Module 1 • Diagnosis

Through this section, you'll choose a problem you want to focus on (we're going to use a fintech example), step back, and reflect on the pain points to gain some objectivity on where the design issues really are and finally identify and name the UX, UI or Interaction issues

  1. 🔒 [Locked] • Introduction
  2. 🔒 [Locked] • Design Reflection
  3. 🔒 [Locked] • Dragging Design Reflection
  4. 🔒 [Locked] • Diagnose UX, UI or Interaction issue
  5. 🔒 [Locked] • 🎯 Recap

Module 2 • UI Best Practices

This section is a crash course on how to get the interface look clean and sharp. A few simple rules ensure that you'll always end up with a clean result. 

  1. 🔒 [Locked] • Visual Hierarchy
  2. 🔒 [Locked] • Alignment
  3. 🔒 [Locked] • Colours
  4. 🔒 [Locked] • Fonts

Module 3 • Improving Interactions

Learn how to make navigating the product feel as good as it looks.

  1.  Errors
  2. 🔒 [Locked] • Success
  3. 🔒 [Locked] • Status
  4. 🔒 [Locked] • Warnings