About P&P Labs

Pencil & Paper is an Enterprise UX studio and content provider based in Canada. We've worked on products across an array of industries and of challenging levels of complexity.

Our 'Why'

As we were working with our Studio clients, we realized there were some consistent design-related painpoints that affected the the ability of teams to implement good UX.

This resource library was borne out of a deep desire to give the enterprise world and UX in general, the specific resources needed to reduce complexity and deliver amazing products to end users. We also wanted to make UX a more cross-functional skill in product teams of all sizes.

P&P Labs represents our larger mission to create amazing resources for UX-minded folk and help improve how we collaborate on implementing design.

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The faces behind P&P Labs

The crew is made up of UX designers, UI designers, UX researchers, product strategists & employee workflow specialists.

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