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We have a selection of advanced webinars, masterclasses and courses that are UX and focused on building solid DesignOps. 

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UX Pattern Masterclasses

If you'd like to preview how in-depth our articles and webinars are - get free access to our Data Tables masterclass.  

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Data dashboards

Learn how to put together data dashboards and the patterns of interaction and layout associated with modern enterprise data dashboards.

Mobile filters

Learn the fundamental requirements for mobile filtering which brings unique constraints. See patterns on dealing with many filters with many values per input on mobile.


Learn the foundation of navigation patterns to begin. Then explore the variety of navigation available for complex websites, enterprise applications and everything in between.

👀 We're launching the P&P Membership soon. 

For UX-minded folks that are committed to leveling up their UX game throughout the year, we're planning on offering an all inclusive membership which gets you access to UX patterns, courses and exclusive enterprise UX case studies.

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Interested in UX skills building for your dev team?

We offer the Design SOS course and access to our UX pattern bank to teams that want to support their developers in skills-building. 

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Just some of the things that developers have had to say about the Design SOS course.

"This course provides a great overview of UI/UX principals, and helps developers both understand and communicate design at a professional level."

"I feel that the course gave me a better understanding for design decisions and how to effectively communicate with members of the design team better and why they make the changes that they do."

"We often run into UX bugs when we are testing our product. Often these bugs are due to overcomplicating a feature and not thinking about how a customer would interact with it. By taking this course, we could be developing our app/website with the user experience in mind and reduce bugs when testing."

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