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Back by popular demand: we've got 4 more UX pattern resources coming up early 2022. This means in-depth documentation and masterclass.

Topics 👉 Data dashboards, Mobile filtering, Error states & Navigation

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UX pattern topics

Expect in-depth analysis, real UI examples and best practices for each of these topics

📊 Data Dashboards

Learn how to put together data dashboards and the patterns of interaction and layout associated with modern enterprise data dashboards.

🤳Mobile filtering 

Learn the fundamental requirements for mobile filtering which brings unique constraints, like many filters and many values per input.

🛑 Error states

Learn the basic error requirements followed by a deep dive on patterns to present (and resolve) errors. See multiple examples of error message structures in action.


Learn the structure of a search interaction, explore patterns to initiate search, display timely feedback while entering a query, and finally render intelligent search results. 

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